Hazeltots COVID-19 Response

Protective measures we are taking in light of coronavirus (COVID-19)

First and foremost, it goes without saying that the safety of your child and of our staff is our top priority. We are working hard, following the latest government guidance, to develop and implement a number of new ways of operating. This will allow us to open as safely as possible, focusing on measures that will help limit the risk of coronavirus transmitting within our setting.

Some of the steps we are taking include:


  • Asking that anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or who lives with someone who does, not to attend the setting. That includes children, parents and staff who work here.

  • Cleaning our hands more often than usual. We have developed routines to ensure children understand when and how to wash their hands, making sure they wash them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using running water and soap and dry them thoroughly, or use alcohol hand sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered.

  • Ensuring our children understand good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring a good supply of tissues and bins throughout the setting.

  • Implementing an enhanced cleaning schedule, ensuring surfaces touched by children and staff are cleaned regularly and throughout the day, including table tops, door handles and play equipment.

  • Ensuring that all shared toys and resources are cleaned regularly. This includes removing items which cannot be cleaned between uses e.g. sand, soft toys etc.

  • Asking parents and carers to physically distance from each other and from staff when dropping off and collecting their children. Parents will be discouraged from entering the building unless absolutely necessary.

  • Asking children not to bring toys or other items from home to the setting, unless this is essential to their health and well-being.

What can parents and carers do to help?

There are a number of things parents and carers can do to help us make these arrangements effective. They include;


  1. If your child or anyone in your household becomes ill, regardless of them displaying symptoms of coronavirus, please do not bring your child to preschool.1.

  2. Ensure that we have up to date contact details in case we need to ask you to collect your child should they become unwell while at preschool.

  3. Reassure your child that things may look and feel a little bit different at preschool, but they shouldn’t worry because they will have just as much fun with their friends and the adults who are there.

We hope that this has given you the information you need to understand what arrangements we have made to enable children to attend Hazeltots as safely as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming your children back.

A full risk assessment is available on request.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.